We tailor events for your CREW!

With the sleekest facility in the industry, unique lighting, and immersive sound experience, CREW is definitely the place where you want to organize your next memorable event.

  • Company training
  • Press event
  • Sponsor event
  • Team building
  • Location for photoshoot
  • Something completely different?


Workout with your business!

At CREW, your company can reserve entire rooms/hours. Our unique concepts give your employees energy and motivation to perform to the max, in addition to strengthening social cohesion in the company.

Do you want to book an event?

Contact hei@crewtrening.no to discuss how we can cater to your needs.

Boksetime med rød belysning der kvinne bokser på boksesekk



We had the pleasure of having the team behind Ole Henriksen at our boxing class.

The joy of training, nightclub vibes and endorphins proved to be an unbeatable combo at a memorable and playful event!

Do you want to book a training experience for your company? Contact us at hei@crewtrening.no - and we will tailor your event.

Kvinner i rosa treningsklær fornøyde etter Ole Henrikse Boksetime på Crew


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