Do you want to take your running to a new level? Welcome to our classes under the auspices of BML and Andreas Grøgaard!
- Wednesdays at 17:30

What will you learn?

With these joint training sessions, we want to facilitate a social meeting place in a sporty setting. The focus is on exercise enjoyment and intensity control, which in turn will give sporting progress.

The training sessions are tailored so that the participants can attend and carry out a quality-assured session in an efficient manner. You can expect variation in everything from the length of intervals, speed and intensity, uphill and session build-up. It will be social and fun, while at the same time you will be left with a solid and relevant training benefit. The group lessons include:

• Instruction, guidance, inspiration, motivation, tips and tricks.

• Knowledge sharing and recommendations on training planning and implementation, injury prevention, recovery/total load, equipment, etc.

Do you want to take your running to a new level?

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Andreas Grøgaard

Andreas GrøgaardAndreas Grøgaard has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in management and organizational psychology. He is very interested in a number of sports (football, cross-country skiing, athletics, etc.), but has mainly been long-distance running himself since 2012. His personal marathon record is (currently) 2:28:42.

With his long experience, Andreas can inspire and encourage runners to push their own limits and reach their potential - regardless of level.

If you want to get started, or take your running to the next level, you should go to Andreas' classes!